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The board of SPORTY-WALKI.ORG managed to learn, that the UFC is going to make one of the greatest events in mixed martial arts history ever! UFC 131 will probably take place in Rogers Centre Hall, providing place for 69.000 people, in Toronto (Canada). Most likely, we are going to see two fights - both about defending the titles of main UFC divisions.

The first event is going to be a duel for the half middleweight title. Obiously, we mean Georges St-Pierre (21-2), who has been a champion since 2008. Yesterday he proved his wonderful condition defeating Josh Koscheck (15-5). In Toronto, he is probably going to face Jake Shields (26-4-1). Former fighter of Strikeforce managed to provide a chance to gain the title by defeating Martin Kampmann (17-4) in his debut.

The second one on "the greates event in North America" is going to be a heavyweight title match. Cain Velasquez (9-0), who took the mastery from Brock Lesnar (5-2), still undefeated who won 8 battles by KO! Some people think, that there is only one person able to stop American Kickboxing Academy figher. Commonly know as "Cigano", Junior dos Santos (12-1), became a title pretender on the April event. They are both posed by fans as the most likely to get the UFC heavyweight champion title. Many believe, that if "Cigano"does not turn out to be better than Cain, nobody will be able to.


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Although he just put in yet another dominant performance in defense of his welterweight title, Georges St. Pierre is still on the fence regarding a permanent move up to the middleweight division. At the post-fight press conference, "Rush" says he has yet to consider a possible dream fight with fellow pound-for-pound stalwart Anderson Silva for his next outing but UFC President Dana White commented that his "job is to give people the fights they want to see."

- I'll see, I just finished my fight. I have not even considered that question. Right now, I'm about 189 to 190 and there was a time when I fought Thiago (Alves) like a year ago, I was lighter I was like 184 so I decided to gain weight, to do a diet to gain more muscle mass to go up to 190. If I go fight at 185, I think I should put myself at, at least 200lbs because the guys who fight at 185, and I train with a lot of 185lber's and they're all like 215 to 210 and I think I would have to get bigger. If I want to go up, I'm going to stay up. I don't want to play up, down, up, down. - commented St-Pierre.